Make your wedding day extra special with your piper greeting the guests, piping you into the wedding venue, down the aisle and during photos.

Image by Nathan Dumlao


  • Arrival before the start of ceremony to set up and greet your guests;

  • Play as guests arrive at the ceremony

  • Pipe the bride from the wedding car to the ceremony;

  • The bride can choose if she wishes to be played down the aisle to the bagpipes or piano.  

  • Pipe as the newly married couple come up the aisle and out of the venue


  • If requested, we can play as guests arrive at the reception venue and welcome the newly married couple to the top table;

  • Provide some background piping during the afternoon reception, while photographs are taken, if required;

  • Piping to the cake an before taking their seats. 

  • If requested the bride will present me with a dram, and I will toast the newly married couple, before piping myself out.

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Music Selection

We care about making your special day the best possible experience you and everyone attending. If you have any specific tune requests, then feel free to ask.